Paying Options for acquiring Car Windshield Replacement or Repair Service


Can I pay with Insurance?

Well yes you can! Some people do not know but it is a matter of fact that insurance companies usually cover the auto glass repair cost. To make it an easy process, we as a team of professional windshield technicians can provide you with the due assistance. We can assist you with your insurance claim including documentation and entire negotiations. Before you move on you have to understand a couple of things. As far as the available options are concerned you can opt to go with one of the following two!

1) Existing auto glass repair

2) Windshield Replacement

Well, the earlier one is an option that in most cases would cost you nothing. Generally speaking insurance companies do not consider small damages and your insurance rate will stay unchanged. Still, we understand - most of our clients do not have a very good understanding towards insurance laws, rules, regulations and the requirements. So, just leave this part for us. We have separate teams available for handling of all such work. We have done it for thousands of our clients and they are now operating their cars safely

As far as the second option is concerned it might bring some complications. In a few cases a partial part or some certain costs may require to be cleared by the insured vehicle`s owner himself. This happens in a few cases though but it is a procedural requirement and nothing much could be done for elimination of that part. The total amount required for the windshield replacement cannot be generalized as it is something that depends upon certain things. In this case you as the car owner will be responsible for paying us any outstanding amount not covered by your insurance.

The Third Option

In some cases where the car owner chooses not to go with an insurance claim direct payments are made by him or her for getting the replacement job done. We as a company do not have any issues with whatever you mode of payment is. We are welcome to cash, bank transfers and credit cards as well. However, an upfront cost is necessary before we start working on the repair or replacement work of your car`s windshield. Please do not consider it anything like harsh or so. It is a common practice and in automobile industry least is done on credit. We are here to provide our customers with the best service at very reasonable price and we really do not have much time to make calls to ask for our remuneration